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Choosing a Lawyer in Cape May County

There are a series of considerations in choosing a criminal defense attorney in Cape May County. How much experience does the lawyer have working cases in South Jersey? Is this attorney knowledgeable in case law relevant to your specific type of case? Is there a possibility your case will result in a trial? These are important questions to ask when choosing a legal representative, especially in Cape May County.

We provide representation to ensure the protection of individual rights. We represent those who have been charged with a crime, or who are under investigation. We also help those arrested and found innocent, and people convicted of certain misdemeanor and felony charges. We are here to help you navigate the legal system.

Our Track Record Around Cape May County & the Greater South Jersey Area

At Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz, P.C. our attorneys have a combined 143 years of experience handling over 1,180 cases since 2000. We have handled cases in South Jersey in the same amount of time. We have also handled an array of complex criminal cases throughout the East Coast. This page is meant to serve as a resource related to the types of penal law cases our attorneys have handled. For a comprehensive list, see Types of criminal Cases we have handled below.

Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz, P.C. Handles Specific and Complex Cases in Cape May County

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Cape May County Criminal Attorneys

Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz, P.C. is very familiar with Cape May County and the greater South Jersey area. We know how serious being charged with a crime can be. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping individuals obtain arrest information and also in getting criminal convictions expunged. We provide representation to ensure the protection of individual rights.

We're Experienced with criminal Work

Cape May County criminal Specialists in felony crimes

A common form of criminal law often falls under penal law. Typically, we see cases related to: arson, assault, battery, burglary, rape. Whether you need help with criminal law in general, or felony crimes specifically, we are here to help you navigate the legal system.

misdemeanor crimes in South Jersey

Another penal law focus area of ours is misdemeanor crimes. Common forms of cases related to criminal law for misdemeanor crimes include: minor assaults, traffic offenses, petty theft. Our attorneys are adept at handling the complex issues that may arise in or near Cape May County as they relate to penal law.

Cape May County drug and alcohol-related crimes

A third area of focus regarding criminal law is drug and alcohol-related crimes. This practice area is multifaceted including subsets such as: DUI/DWI, open container, public intoxication, a minor in possession. If any of these criminal focus areas apply to your legal needs, contact us and let's talk about it.

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